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Many times, due to the high volume of SOF veterans returning and tasking the VA Healthcare System with treating and finding solutions, many are simply placed on opiod based prescriptions. WHF offers an alternative protocol to this by analyzing the SOF veteran’s vitamin and hormone levels, we have a clear path to get “WELLNESS” back into sync.


Special Operations Forces in Jupiter, FLIn 2016, a government research laboratory study was conducted to determine the effects of Special Operations Training and Sustained Combat Operations on male vitamin and hormone levels, lean body mass and strength. The study concluded that the high physical demand, negative energy balance, and sleep deprivation of combat readiness all appear to adversely affect vitamin and testosterone levels in males. Objective medical studies have shown that military members that specifically complete selection courses for Special Operations units and continue to conduct Sustained Combat Operations experience a severe vitamin and hormonal imbalance. By analyzing the SOF veteran’s vitamin and hormone levels, we have a clear path to get getting our Warriors’ wellness back into sync. Based on these findings, WHF is focused on the overall wellness and health of SOF veterans that have made multiple combat deployments overseas and are experiencing a wide range of symptoms caused by vitamin and hormone imbalances. By bringing these levels back to an adequate level that promotes improved wellness, SOF veterans can improve their overall quality of life. Our program is 100% zero cost to participants, who can participate from anywhere in the United States. WHF strives to achieve “Peak Wellness” in our participants through our physician-monitored Vitamin and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) program. By providing this integrative, holistic and evidence-based care we aim to improve the physical, mental and emotional strength of our SOF veterans.