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Thank you for your interest in Warrior Health Foundation. Due to the overwhelming success and interest of our therapeutic program, at this time we are currently not accepting new applications. Please continue to check back periodically for any updates.

who we are

We are committed to helping our military SOF veterans through proactive and preventative healthcare services at 100% zero cost to the participant. Our major focus is mitigating the effects of a condition in our SOF veterans known as, “Operator Syndrome”.

Our aim is to help combat the effects and challenges consistent with invisible wounds and bring our SOF veterans back to PEAK WELLNESS!

Committed To Improving The Wellness Of SOF Veterans

We believe that every Special Operations Forces (SOF) veteran deserves a future that is bright and full of opportunity, starting with a high quality of life. But the far-reaching effects of serving our country have impacted the lives of our SOF veterans. By delivering our integrative, holistic and evidence-based care, we aim to improve the physical and cognitive function of SOF veterans at no charge to the participant.

Special Operations Forces in Jupiter, FL

what is our mission?

The mission of Warrior Health Foundation (WHF) is to improve the quality of life for Special Operations veterans of the Global War on Terrorism through the provision of high-quality free or low-cost proactive and preventative healthcare services. WHF will deliver to its patients integrative, holistic and evidence-based care to improve the physical and cognitive function of SOF veterans.

what is our goal?

Our goal is to achieve “Peak Wellness” in our participants through our physician-monitored Vitamin, Peptide and Hormone Therapy program


Special Operations Forces in Jupiter, FL
Special Operations Forces in Jupiter, FL

who do we help?

Many times, due to the high volume of SOF veterans returning and tasking the VA Healthcare System with treating and finding solutions, many are simply placed on opiod based prescriptions. WHF offers an alternative protocol to this by analyzing the SOF veteran’s vitamin and hormone levels, we have a clear path to get “WELLNESS” back into sync.